Hear What DEXTER FIDDLE Owners Have To Say About Their Fiddles!

Ryan Thompson "In my musical travels ranging from music camps in California to performances at the Bath Folk Festival in England, people have commented often about how nice my left handed 5 string Nieforth violin looks and sounds. I especially like that it is both sweet sounding, and powerful, with an even tonal balance between the full range of strings. It fits well into any playing situation I’ve brought it to, including chamber music, bluegrass, celtic, jazz, and for contra dances. I was inspired to ask Deck to build my lefty violin after examining and hearing his fine right handed instruments.

Ryan Thomson, "Captain Fiddle," Lee, New Hampshire."

Fiddlers Three

In Honor of Deck's 70th Birthday
May 26, 2014

In celebration of Deck's birthday, three of his fiddles and their fiddlers came to serenade him: (l-r)
Jeff Davis (Connecticut) of First Time String Band, Dan Lanier (Massachusetts) of The French Connection, and Bob Drouin (RI) of Pendragon.

Frankie Gavin and Deck
Frankie and Deck, The Burren, Somerset, MA 11/11/11

"Deck's violins got my attention at a house concert in Jimmy Devine's House Party [in Providence, RI] some years back. It's hard to find all the components you would wish for in one instrument, but here you have big bright velvety sound all in one. Look no further.I love it."

NEW RELEASE: "Frankie Gavin & Alec Finn: Traditional Irish Music on Fiddle and Bouzouki," featuring Frankie's DexterFiddle. Frankie will be here from Galway to play it again on Wed., October 23rd in concert at the Burren, Somerville, MA

Frankie Gavin
Frankie Gavin, Galway, Ireland, is listed in Guiness Book of World Records" as "the fastest fiddle player in the world.

Bob DeMarco playing in Vermont Bob DeMarco playing in Vermont "I wasn't intending to get myself a new fiddle. But then I attended the 2012 NEFFA Festival. I walked into the vendor room actually looking for a luthier to possibly adjust the neck of my cittern. While there I noticed a table of fiddles and decided to try some out. They were each very nice looking. But being a fiddle player for many years I know that looks only go so far. So I played a few of them and then suddenly one rung out to my soul. I have to admit though even then it still hadn't come together in my mind that I might get it for myself. But over night the fiddle began to play in my head and by the next day I was seriously thinking about having it. The following day back home in Vermont I was walking down the trail with my dog when I suddenly came to the decision that this was just a fine fiddle having all the elements of sound that I appreciate. I called Deck right then. We made a deal, and I have been the happiest fiddler ever since. It is just a great instrument with a full body sound and response like I have never held in my hands prior. I took it to Ireland recently and I'll tell you, heads were turning in every pub admiring this fiddle's elegance. I told the story of the cabinet maker in Rhode Island and the fiddles he makes. By the way, I had the fiddle evaluated by a prominent "violin" maker here in Vermont who only corroborated what I already new; that Deck is an expert craftsman and first class "violin" maker."

Bob DeMarco plays fiddle for bands Wind that Shakes the Barley, Skellig, and Blackbird.
Florence, Vermont.

Hey Deck,

hope you are doing well. You probably get tired of me telling you how much I enjoy playing your fiddle. But I do. It seems to come more alive every day. It has learned to so many tunes. I'm sure it thinks itself a full fledged Irishman! It continues to accompany me back and forth to Ireland getting it's taste of the countryside and pub sessions.

Well I just wanted to say hello and wish you my best for happy and healthy holidays and new year coming.

By the way I played with Frankie Gavin's brother Sean recently in Galway, a fine box player.

Take care,
Bob DeMarco
November 19, 2016

Nick Reeb I have been playing my Nieforth fiddle for nearly two years now and I couldn't be happier. It is very responsive and easy to play, and the tone of the instrument is bright and resonant. It really projects on the high end, but also has considerable body and depth in the middle and lower registers. The cedar top makes the instrument very lightweight. Deck did a great job with this fiddle and I'm proud to be its owner!

Nick Reeb
NY bluegrass fiddler, Six Deadly Venoms

Jeff Davis "I’ve had my Dexter fiddle for about eighteen months now. Prior to that I had played one fiddle for about thirty years, one I had gotten from Jay Ungar. My thought was to get an instrument for playing in a dance band, one that would be louder and sharper, one to be more easily heard by dancers. I tried Deck’s fiddle and thought it would be perfect for the job—and it has been. About a year ago I realized I wasn’t playing my old fiddle, at all, save for those occasions when I needed two. (The poor old thing sits neglected and forlorn in its case.)

"What I’ve discovered over time is that Deck’s fiddle has a broad dynamic range. It will play softly if asked, but doesn’t mind cranking out some volume on demand. I’ve also found it to be very easy to play out of first position. The sound is also nicely balanced across the four strings.

"It came as a surprise to me to find that I like Deck’s instrument more than I like the old one. A nice surprise!"

Jeff Davis

NEW RELEASE: Howie Bursen's "Volcano Lake", with Jeff Davis playing his DexterFiddle. Howie plays his piano composition, "Caryl-Ann and Deck's Waltz".>

Owning one DexterFiddle is not enough!
“Loving this fiddle — I am never going to have to buy another; delightfully sweet voice and gives me a lot of pleasure. Tonally rich and responsive."

Bob Drouin • North Providence, RI
Pendragon, Blackstone River Theatre (BRT), Cumberland, RI

Past tributes include three straight Boston Music Award nominations for Outstanding Celtic Act and a Governor's Tourism Award. Pendragon has been voted Rhode Island's Best Celtic Act in the Motif Magazine Best Music Poll seven straight years (2005-2011.) The band has also been voted Best Local Folk Act of the Year in the Providence Phoenix' Best Music Poll eight times. Since 1995, members of Pendragon have been the driving force behind the Blackstone River Theatre, bringing traditional and ethnic music to the Blackstone Valley.

Emily Tersoff I'd been thinking about getting a new fiddle for a while but was just starting to window shop when I tried Deck's fiddles at NEFFA 2016. The sunny, golden color of one caught my attention first, but as soon as I played it I fell in love: bright, sweet sound, crisp enough to make my rolls and grace notes suddenly clearer, but with a lovely tone for slower tunes as well. I've been playing it for a year now, and every time I'm glad all over again that it's mine.

Best wishes,
Emily Tersoff

Anna Dooley I'm very pleased with my five string. It's a beautifully crafted instrument and a joy to play every time I pick it up!

Anna Dooley

Chris Jones “When it comes to great tone, volume, and clarity, you can't go wrong with a Dexter Fiddle. They sound great on stage and in the studio. They have a rich full sound without all the feedback that a lot of other fiddles have. I absolutely love mine! [Tell Deck he can never have this fiddle back ever again because it’s become attached to my left hand…even now it’s difficult to type (: {.] But my favorite thing is ... how well it's set up and how easy it is to play. Gracious ... plays like a dream!"

Christopher Ryan Jones  •  Dinwiddie, VA
Bluegrass Mafia

Dan Lanier and his

"The lovely five-string fiddle that Deck crafted for me has a delightfully sweet voice and gives me a lot of pleasure. Tonally rich and responsive, this instrument can deliver a wonderful range of sound without a great deal of effort. Its beautiful tone continues to improve with playing. I’m really glad that Deck introduced me to this special violin!"

Dan Lanier  •  Rehobeth, MA
o-Founder, Rehobeth Contra Dance; Fiddler, The French Connection

"I have to tell you Dexter…I just love this fiddle! The sound keeps coming in beautifully and I’m amazed by the penetrating quality in the tone across the entire range of the instrument. The rich full sound makes the thing seem to play itself…even in the highest registers. The best thing about your DEXTER FIDDLE is the complete absence of harshness, plus it plays very quiet without breathiness or string noise. I just played it on a Contra dance tour to Philadelphia, and West Virginia and the band kept commenting on how great it sounded."

Craig Edwards  •  Branford, CT 
Fiddler, Rhythm Method String Band, and Mystic Seaport

Kate emailed us, “I…would like an instrument that sounds great and that is a pleasure to hold and look at & that stays in tune well. Craig’s [Edwards] is all of those things. Plus I really love the idea of a locally built instrument.” Four days later, Kate came over and bought her own DEXTER FIDDLE.

Kate Poole  •  Mystic, CT 
Craig Edwards’ fiddle student and teacher

"Hi! Dexter, I just wanted you to know I love my violin . I’m still taking lessons even though I’m a slow learner. But the new violin is helping me get there!"

Armand St. Pierre  •  Coventry, RI

“I’m playing my new fiddle a little every day and I’m still loving it! Thanks!"

Jonathan Danforth  •  Fall River, MA
Folk Music Fiddler

“Thank you! I have gotten so much pleasure out of this violin, and I'm so excited to continue playing!"

Blanche Case  •  Providence, RI
Brown University Graduate Student

Cathy and her Green Fiddle

“It’s only been a few days but I want to let you know how much I’m enjoying the green fiddle. It has a great sound, the pegs are wonderful and make it so easy to tune. I’m looking forward to many years of playing.”

Cathy Fahey  •  Peabody, MA
Celtic Fiddler and Folk Dancer

Deck Nieforth was chosen to be listed as a “Folk Musician”, and his DEXTER FIDDLES are listed as “Handcrafts” in the Rhode Island Arts Directory of the Rhode Island State Council for the Arts (RISCA). For more information, www.arts.ri.gov.