The Construction Process Makes It Worth Every Dollar!

Every DEXTER FIDDLE described on the gallery pages is handmade and signed in Dexter’s one-person shop. That’s why you can feel confident it’s truly a — DEXTER FIDDLE!

Each instrument takes hours of craftsmanship and quality control. A DEXTER FIDDLE doesn’t encompass any factory techniques using computers or assembly saws and routers to carve the soundboard, the back panel or scroll. Each segment of construction is handcrafted by Dexter himself.

Fiddle Construction

In his construction process, Dexter adheres carefully to every detail in his arching and gradations. The overall setup of the instrument makes it easy to play. Each fiddle is unique. From wood choices to intricate craftsmanship — this is truly a work of art!

Most DEXTER FIDDLES are now being played by professional musicians, and some are bowed just for fun!

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